Rocky Mountain High

Colorado is nothing short of heaven on earth. I’m a midwestern girl, landlocked in a sea of corn fields, turbine windmills and flat landscape. The midwest is good ole boy, down-home, conservative family values wrapped up in pick up trucks, baseball hats worn properly with the bill facing […]

Creative Genius Or Insanity

Being born a Cancer is my curse. Emotions control my every way of thinking and feeling. I’m either a warrior riding into battle full of confidence and glory or a prisoner of self doubt walking up to a guillotine. My head is filled with so many different scenarios […]

Personal Space Invaders

We all have our own personal space boundaries. There are so many ways your space can be violated, it’s uncanny. With all the people in this world now, how is it possible to even get your own unrestricted space? Volunteering to be amongst the first for that Mars […]